How to install USBasp driver to PC? If you are using gizDuino miniUSB?

Roma Mercado
2018-04-18 10:55

In order to use gizDuino USB mini, we need to install the USBasp driver. If there is no USBasp driver installed to your computer, a pop-up note will appear indicating "Found new hardware USBasp".

Download driver:

1st Option:

  1. Connect the gizDuino mini USB to PC.
  2. Open Device Manager>Search the USBasp. (if there's a caution image- it means the driver is not installed properly or not detected.)
  3. Right Click in USBasp>Update Drivers>Search automatically for updated driver software.
  4. If nothing happens, select Browse my computer for driver software>locate the "usbasp-windriver.2011-05-28.", then wait until Driver installation successful. Done!
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