How to Calibrate the Coinslot for ₱1, ₱5, ₱10?

2018-04-21 04:30

Here's the slide switch connections (Default)

MGN/NOM/• MAX (selected)

• NO (selected)/NC

Fast/• Medium (selected)/Slow

  1. Power ON the coin slot (Input Supply 12VDC)

  2. Press and Hold (2 secs) the SET button, and the 3 LED will blink.

  3. Press and hold (2secs) the SET button, and the LED 1 will slowly blinking.

  4. Put first the "1 peso coin" (20 x times) [ make sure the coin drops at the back of the coin slot] until the LED 1 will HIGH and the LED 2 is blinking fast.

(Note: If you already pressed the button once, then you drop the coin and Nothing happens.. Try it again by pressing and holding the button then drop again the coin. It must be drop at the bottom not on the eject coins)

  1. The Press and Hold again the SET button (2 secs). The LED 1 is HIGH and the LED 2 is slowly blinking. Now put the " 5 peso coin" (20x times) until the LED 1 and 2 is HIGH and the LED 3 is blinking fast.

  2. Lastly, Press and Hold the SET button (2secs). The LED 1 and 2 is HIGH, the LED 3 is blinking slowly. Then put the "10 peso" coin.(20x times) until the LED 1, LED 2, and LED 3 is HIGH.

after that you will see the 3 LEDs will turn off. Because the calibration is done well.

You can now use the coin slot.

Put the 1 (led1), 5(led2), 10 peso(led3).

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