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September 26, 2012

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PhilRoboKit Anito

PhilRobokit Anito is an Arduino inspired collaborated project of PhilRobotics. Anito is the beta version based on PIC16F877a, It contains 4 LEDís, 2 switches, 1 buzzer and 1 Servo port. It is designed that a user can experiment with the basics of microcontroller as soon as the board is powered up.

Anito comes with an easy to use IDE purely developed by PhilRobotics based on the free Hi-TECH C compiler. The IDE has default libraries for the PIC16F877a which helps newbie users to use peripherals easily.



Power Input:
USB default (+5V)

On-board Microcontroller:
PIC16F877A with 20MHz clock

Programming Ports:

Board Dimension:
90mm W x 53mm L